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Diabetes Reversal Session

Its a Free online webinar for all . Here we are teaches the basic science of diabetes and its related disorder reversal.

An initiative called Satwik Diabetes Clinic free from diabetes is committed to assisting individuals in recovering from lifestyle disorders and leading drug-free, healthy lives. We are working to reverse diabetes and enable people to lead a natural, disability-free lifestyle.
Over 10,000 patients have recovered. By releasing them from the daily medications, dietary restrictions, and anxieties related to these disorders, our diabetes recovery programme has successfully shown them the way forward. We Are Friends With Individuals Who Are Trying To Overcome Lifestyle Disorders And Value:

Our Approach to make you diabetes Free

  • Addressing your root cause of diabetes and related disorder
  • Provide the best and customise personal diat plan base on your preference and time schedule
  • Motivating yourself for doing exercise and detoxification and stress Management
  • Two webinars every month, Personal Consultation by Diabetologist twice every month, weekly follow up Consultation by Diabetologist

What is root cause of your diabetes?

The team at Satwik Diabetes Clinic, led by Dr. Nilesh Kathar, determines the precise cause of your diabetes and works to address its root cause, insulin resistance. To get blood sugar into cells, the pancreas releases more insulin into the body. Over time, cells become insulin resistance and stop responding to all that insulin. Obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and type 2 diabetes are just a few of the issues that are part of the insulin resistance syndrome.

There are 7 Cause of Insulin Resistance

Reason 1

Insulin like growth factor present in milk and milk products.

Reason 2

Viseral fat.

Reason 3

Blood toxic levels , acidity and inflammation.

Reason 4

Lack of micronutrient.

Reason 5

Blood stasis.

Reason 6

Low muscle mass and strength.

Reason 7

Stress anxiety and disturbed sleep

Too Reverse it we tackle this we had following this to offer you


Lets the Food your First Medicine and Kitchen is Pharmacy

We think it's not a good idea to start diabetes patients on medications; instead, we want them to manage their condition and reverse it. Simply by modifying their diet, that is why we provide a variety of options that are suitable for your working hours, location, and eating preferences. We also have plenty of sweet treats and delectable, simple-to-make recipes.


Exercise is celebration that your body need.

We are aware that many patients have busy lives due to their workload, and even though they want to exercise, they are unable to do so for lack of energy, motivation, and proper time management. As a result, our physiotherapists provide personalised exercise plans that you can complete at home with ease.


Detox Start your Body Internal Healing

Today's world only provides chemicals; food contains pesticides and preservatives, the air is polluted, and the water is demineralized; therefore, detoxification is the only strategy that can keep your body free from chemicals. We were surprised to see that after beginning the detoxification process, our patients' recovery times were incredibly quick, and their diabetes was reversed within a few months.


Natural Self Healing is key for Diabetes Reversal

Autophagy is the noble, award-winning study of how the body starts using its own bad cells to make them good. When they function properly and self-replicate, this is just an internal self-repair process using autophagy Successfully reversing diabetes in one step protocol

Stress and Sleep Management

Stress is Cause Due to Our Own Mindset not a Situation

Scientifically stress and sleep deprivation cause hormonal imbalances and ultimately insulin resistance Our doctors provide self-motivation to help you manage stress and ensure quality sleep

Four Phases of Diabetes Reversal

Phase 1

Objective – Reduce Insulin Resistance

Benefit – tapering of medicine dose start

Phase 2

Objective – Rcomplete Reduction on Insulin Resistance

Benefit – 90% Reduction of Dose, no Diabetes Symptoms, Mentally Fit, and Clear First Glucose Tolerance Test

Phase 3

Objective – Reversal of all Heart, Kidney, Eyes Related Complication

Benefit Permanent discontinuation of medication, No Worry About Diabtes Complication, Clear Second Glucose Tolerance Test

Phase 4

Objective – Teach you how to Keep Diabtes Reversal Life Long

Benefit – Become a Life Long Diabetes Free Person

Our Patient Clear Glucose Tolerance Test, Very Easily...

A glucose tolerance test, also known as an oral glucose tolerance test, measures the body's response to sugar (glucose).

You'll drink about 75ml of a glucose water solution(Equivalent to 6 Gulab Jamun or 6 Jalebi) and recheck sugar levels Two hours later.


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