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reimaging you live life without diabetes

Sugar Count

your Fasting Suger level below 100 mg/dl and Post-Lunch below 140 mg/dl without tablet and insulin.

forever reversal

Reversal of diabetes and also Blood Pressure, hypothyroid, high cholesterol, obesity and PCOD.

Freedom from Disorders.

Say buy to diabetes symptom like fatique, sexual weakness, night urination, burning sensation.

Reversal of Complications

no worry about heart, kidney and eyes complication in diabetes.

experience the magic of satwik diabetes clinic

Kg of weight loss

Peoples reverse diabetes and stop all medication

stop hypertension, thyroid, cholesterol medication

clear glucose tolerance test without medication

Attend free webinar

Diabetes-free treatment in Aurangabad

Learn Following Things

  1. Seven root cause of diabetes mellitus and related disorder.
  2. Four phases of diabetes reversal.
  3. Ten home base, easy diet.
  4. Four secret and most effective exercise for life style disorder.
  5. different ways to detoxify your body.
  6. Autophagy that brings natural and self healing to your body.
  7. Stress and sleep , management.

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Dr.Nilesh kathar

MBBS , FDM Diabetology(UK)

Dr Nilesh kathar is one of leading diabetologist and life style disorder expert in India

He start satwik diabetes clinic and become a pioneer to reverse thousand of diabetes, By his own made life style, that he deliver through use of modern technology

His holistic approach toward disorder make there reversal easy, affordable and life long


Frequently Asked Questioins

  • Yes! Defenatly you need to reverse diabetes and its related disorder. Although you manage your sugar levels with one or two tablets in a day but in future you need advance medication possible to prick insulin injection. Plus you have high risk of diabetes complication like heart eyes and kidney issues also have sideffects of medication. Thats why you should manage and reverse your diabetes.

  • Yes Defenetly! The Marvelous Transformation Program is designed to effect behavioural and physiological changes that will enable you to sustain your reversal independently and life long.

  • Yes! As program is held online. Our sessions are planned and structured to facilitate all our overseas participants. Our step-by-step guidance, evolved over the past 6 years, has helped participants across 30+ countries successfully go through the reversal program.

  • Yes Defenetly! You can manage very well. We are working extensively with participants who travel regularly on work, and we have evolved a Travellers Protocol that makes it convenient for you to follow the program with minimum hassle.

  • Marvelous Transformation Program is a year-long program; in the first 4 months you will be taken through a systematic action learning experience, followed by 8 months of guidance and support to set and achieve new behavioural goals.

  • Yes, you will need to commit a certain amount of time and effort. But it’s merely a matter of time management to get into a new routine. In fact, many of our participants who come from top tier management, been able to adapt easily to the new time demands. I have some physical limitations; will I be able to do all the exercises? The exercises are personalised to individual conditions and body types. Your designated exercise expert will provide many options

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